In 1992, the Federal Interagency Committee on Noise (FICON) published its findings in a report entitled Federal Agency Review of Selected Airport Noise Analysis Issues (FICON, 1992). FICON recommended that “a standing federal interagency committee should be established to assist agencies in providing adequate forums for discussion of public and private sector proposals, identifying needed research, and in encouraging the conduct of research and development in these areas”.  The Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise (FICAN) was formed in 1993 to fulfill this recommendation.

FICAN Member Agencies

Each of the federal agencies conducting significant research on aviation noise is represented on FICAN. In addition, other agencies that are not currently conducting research but have broad policy roles with respect to aviation noise issues (such as HUD and EPA) are represented on the committee. The FICAN membership list is presented below.  Participating member agencies have signed a Letter of Understanding, which defines the purpose, scope, membership, process, and products of FICAN.


Department of Defense:
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy

Department of Interior:
National Park Service


Department of Transportation:
Office of the Secretary of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Department of Housing and Urban Development